NIGELLIFE Softgel Products

This category display all NIGELLIFE products. NIGELLIFE is the adult formulation. Please choose the one that suit optimise your health. We have range of products that is suitable for daily consumption.

To stay healthy is cheap, but to be healthy is expensive.

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Atomic Power (5 in1)

Product specially formulated for men's vitality.

Mighty Joints (5 in 1)

Mighty Joints is the complete 5 in 1 formulation that is aimed to stimulate cartilage growth and joint mobility.

Citra Dewi (5 in 1)

Citra Dewi is our product that is formulated specially for woman.

Black Seed Oil Softgel

Black Seed Oil obtained from single-cold-pressed process and packed inside soft gelatine capsule.

Black Seed Oil + Glucosamine Softgel

Black Seed Oil with Glucosamine is formulated to protect our joints from aging process.

Black Seed Oil + Garlic Oil Softgel

Black Seed Oil and Garlic Oil in soft gelatine capsule form.

Sugar X (5 in 1)

Sugar X is a combination of 5 active ingredients that is formulated to promote healthy sugar blood level.

Black Seed Oil + Virgin Coconut Oil Softgel

Black Seed Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) combine to boost your vitality.

Black Seed + Pegaga Capsule

Black Seed and Pegaga in Hard Capsule Form.